Reasons Private Jet Charter is Safer Than Commercial Airlines

Reasons Private Jet Charter is Safer Than Commercial Airlines

When someone talks about a private jet, the first few things that come to our mind include: convenience, luxury, and privacy. Yet, seldom do we talk about one of the greatest advantages of travelling on a private charter flight: safety. 

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Here are the top four reasons why a private jet charter may actually be safer than flying on the commercial planes: 

A Detailed Information on Passengers 

While the commercial flights have too many passengers to have complete knowledge about, private charter flights are different. The private charter broker acquires a detailed picture of the people who are meant to fly. 

Often, all the passengers on-board will know each other as they are usually family, friends or a group of colleagues. This naturally means that you clearly know who is flying, why they are flying, and what threat level they could pose – which is naturally zero. On a commercial flight, it is much more difficult to discern a possible threat. 

Familiar Crew

Commercial flights often have a large crew, who get frequently shifted here and there. Even if you board these flights regularly, it is unlikely you will come across a familiar face in the crew. More often than not, you wouldn’t even know who will be serving you in the flight. 

This is not the case with private jets. Frequent fliers may even find themselves travelling with the same flight attendants and pilots quite often. This naturally means that the flight crew is quite familiar with your travel preferences and will serve you accordingly. A familiar face is definitely a better option than a strange one. 

Fewer Incidents than Expected 

As compared to commercial flights, the accidents faced by private jets generally garner more headlines. First of all, this is because a typical clientele of a private jet comprises of high profile people and individuals of high net worth. This tends to attract more attention. 

For instance, if a celebrity was to be travelling in a private jet which faces an accident, the newspapers and the media are more likely to give it a huge public coverage. However, reality is that it is as safe as commercial flights and do not face more accidents in any way. 

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Third-Party Reputable Operators 

Customers who are looking to travel on a commercial flight generally focus on monetary aspects such as ticket price, travel time and transfers. They do not really look into the safety equation much. 

Private jet charter brokers, however, take pride in standing out from the crowd and proving themselves to be trustworthy and reputable. This is partly possible because they continuously keep on tracking safety records of operators which they use. In case an operator fails to adhere to their set standards, they are quick to get rid of them. 

Final Word 

Considering all of the above reasons, a large number of people now consider private jets to be safer than commercial airlines. At Fly1Jet, we consistently work together with our team of brokers to provide our clientele with a safe travel experience. Get in touch today to speak to one of our private jet experts.