Differences Between Commercial and Private Jet Travel

Differences Between Commercial and Private Jet Travel

We all are familiar with situations that require us to make an immediate journey. It could be an important business meeting that’s called on an emergency basis or reaching home to attend a loved one’s funeral. 

Whatever the case may be, there are certain differences between a private charter flight and a commercial one which can help you decide the better route.

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No Need for Tickets 

For commercial flights, you will have to book a ticket well in advance. If the trip is an emergency one, you’d have to still reach the airport and get a ticket which could cost you an arm and a leg. 

None of this is required for a private jet flight where reservations may be needed, but not tickets. The reservation process is usually easy and can be managed online or on a simple phone call. 

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Ample Space 

Commercial flights are usually cramped and may leave you tired and in pain by the end of it. The seats are usually too small and tight. 

Taking a charter plane instead of a commercial flight means that there is plenty of room for your head and legs! You will end up feeling refreshed and rested rather than tired and sore. 

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Privacy Issue 

Commercial flights always carry a privacy issue. There are strangers seated beside and all around you. 

Private jet does not have this issue and you can enjoy your travel in complete seclusion, just among your friends and close family. You wouldn’t have to deal with any strangers at all. 

Luggage Retrieval 

If you have frequently travelled in a commercial flight, you would know what it takes to claim your baggage back. You can forget about your baggage worries in a private jet flight. As you exit your private plane, your luggage will be ready for pick up. From there you can arrange for a car to pick you and to take you to your hotel. It doesn’t get as easy as this. 

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Affordable and Reliable 

Commercial flights sometimes may become unreliable due to various circumstances such as bad weather. This can leave you in hot waters due to cancelled or late flight. Opting for a private jet means you don’t have to worry about all this at all. You can fly straight to your final destination if there are no fuel refill stops. 

Easier to Arrange Group Travel

Charter flights definitely allow for easier group travel. The aircraft can be large enough to accommodate a big group of people. If youre on a corporate trip, you can take your team with you and hold a meeting in the plane’s conference room area. That’s obviously impossible to achieve on a commercial flight. 

Return Time Adjustment

Wish to return from your destination sooner or later than you had planned? Commercial flights can cause an issue over this and may cost you a few bucks in the form of penalties. However, a private flight schedule lets you adjust your plans with ease and you can be back whenever you wish. 

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