An Overview Of Charter Flights

An Overview Of Charter Flights

Most people believe that charter flights are for millionaires and celebrities only. In reality, much of the use of charter flights is business. And we’re not talking big names, but even medium-sized companies have to take advantage of airline charter from time to time. In addition, in many cases, charter rates for airplanes can reach less than the ticket prices on the average jetliner. They generally cost more than a normal flight would, due to their specialized nature. However, from time to time price reductions can be agreed depending on the circumstances.

These flights have been a popular option with many people for quite some time, due to the greater flexibility they offer. Business travelers often use charter flights to reduce their stress levels between meetings / corporate events. Obviously, avoiding all of the usual public airport hustle and bustle can reduce tension quite a bit. These flights are also a common feature of regional airports as many people fly from these airports to remote locations where a more comfortable and exclusive type of flight is preferred. This is certainly better than queuing for hours at an airport, only to be told you’ll have to take another flight due to an overbooking. If you have a medical condition, or cargo requiring special attention, charter flights can meet your requirements to make your trip a painless experience.

For those who use the charter frequently, there are a few options. One of them will be to opt for something like an annual pass, become a member of a cardholder, which brings many additional benefits in terms of costs – But also take the contribution into account here. The other option is to share ownership of an aircraft – But this also includes the maintenance costs of the aircraft, and since you become a partial owner, it is possible that two owners may require the use of the craft at the same time. It’s advisable that you always read the fine print, especially for hidden costs such as cabin crew, in-flight snacks, etc.

How safe are charter flights? 

Charter airlines and broker safety standards vary and it is important to know the history and standards you trust for your charter flight.

FAA/EASA certification is the most comprehensive inspection, testing and compliance system an aircraft operator undergoes. And it should be. It is the approval to keep the paying public flying safely and the first standard under which charter flights are operated. Every operator, pilot and aircraft mechanic must follow their rules.

Charter rates

When looking at aircraft charter rates, you have to consider the weather as a big and uncertain factor. Most responsible charter companies have up-to-date weather information and you should be able to calculate possible delays and additional costs before booking a charter. For example, bad weather makes the airport where you want to land inaccessible and you have to divert the flight to another airport. Now consider the additional costs in terms of transportation to the destination point from the new airport etc. If you are well informed, you can negotiate these factors to adjust the aircraft charter rates before flying.

If you are not sure whether you are going for charter flights, make a small calculation. Estimate the number of travel times you will need. Calculate the average cost of the flight to your business. Approach an airplane charter with the same approximate flight schedule and ask for a price. Sometimes you can even ask if they can exceed regular flight costs. The charter rates for aircrafts are extremely competitive and you will certainly get an offer you cannot refuse.