5 Invaluable Reasons to Fly Private that Your Boss Needs to Hear

5 Invaluable Reasons to Fly Private that Your Boss Needs to Hear

Conducting important company business but not flying private? 

That needs to change. 

There’s a stigma hanging over private flying that it’s an overt luxury that serves no real purpose, but that’s simply not true – whether you realise it or not, it holds many direct business benefits. 

 So, if your boss is holding out on private jet charter because it’s deemed unnecessarily lavish, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’re going to give you 5 core reasons flying private will help your business to grow. Read on to find out more. 

1. You define your schedule – not the other way around 

When you fly commercial, you’re bound to the flight and check-in times of the airline you book with. If you’re flying at short notice, you’re likely to be left with the tickets nobody else wants at unsightly hours of the day. Tack on needing to arrive several hours before take-off, and your schedule gets swallowed up very quickly. 

This simply isn’t an issue with private jet charter. At the drop of a hat, you can book a jet for the precise time you need it, significantly cutting down on wasted time.  

On top of this, any onward travel requirements are tackled as soon as the wheels touch the tarmac. Fly1Jet’s private transfer comes as standard with all jet bookings and is available at over 2,000 destinations, helping you get from A to B faster and more comfortably than ever before.

2. Your productivity will skyrocket

Gate waits, bag checks, security, lengthy boarding procedures, inconvenient layovers…  if you’re travelling on business, these all cost you time and money. 

On top of that, once you’ve boarded the plane, surrounding noise and other environmental distractions make it difficult to get quality work done. 

When you fly private, these inconveniences vanish and your productivity doubles. Arrive at the airport 20 minutes before take-off, be off airport grounds within 10 minutes of landing, and have peace and quiet to get down to business whilst you’re in the air. It could not be simpler.

3. It’s perfect for impressing high-value clients

Chasing key accounts? Meeting with high value clients? They deserve to be treated as such. 

When you fly them privately, you’re sending a clear message – you’re worth the money. 

From personal baggage compartments for easy access to belongings to premium on-flight catering, everything remains within your control and is tailored to impress. Sit back, relax and get down to business.

4. You take back control over your end destination

When you fly commercial, you severely limit your choice of destinations. Even if your flight is only a few hours, if your selection of airports is limited, your onward journey could take just as long. Combine this with a tight schedule, and you’re facing unnecessary delays that could cost you productivity, revenue and even reputation. 

Fly private, and you instantly unlock access to nearly 1,000 airports in Europe alone – over 3 times as many as you’ve access to with a standard commercial flight. 

5. Your privacy comes guaranteed

Your company’s business is nobody’s concern but your own. Sadly, with the inevitable prying eyes of bored commercial flyers, it’s impossible to guarantee the security you need to conduct business in confidence. 

With private aviation, this is a completely different story. You maintain complete control of your crew and, of course, passengers, with the ability to clear cabins of personnel at the drop of a hat should you require total, unfettered privacy. 

Second to your safety and comfort, your security and privacy will remain your crew’s focus, 

from the moment you board to the minute you land. 

Flying Private might be cheaper than you think…

When you factor in the boosted productivity and sheer volume of time you’ll save, private jet charter could even save your company money.