4 Reasons Why Private Charter Beats Fractional Jet Ownership Hands-Down

4 Reasons Why Private Charter Beats Fractional Jet Ownership Hands-Down

Thinking about fractional jet ownership? Think again.

Whilst the idea of part-owning a jet might sound appealing, it’s not always as good as it sounds. In fact, if you’re considering fractional jet ownership to save on private charter costs, it could actually end up costing you much more.

Don’t worry, though – we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re going to discuss the 4 key reasons why private charter is still your best bet, and why you should steer well clear of fractional jet ownership programs. Read on to find out more.

1. It comes without the hidden added costs

When you charter a private jet for a flight, everything is taken care of on your behalf. If you book through Fly1Jet, you’ll even get a breakdown of exactly what your fees are going towards – no sneaky hidden costs.

The same sadly can’t be said for fractional jet ownership programs. Not only will you still have to cover fuel, one of the biggest additions to your bill, you’ll also incur maintenance costs. These aren’t cheap.

2. You gain that all-important flexibility

Need to be in New York tomorrow morning? Private jet charter gives you that flexibility. When you charter a private jet, you’ll be paired with the most suitable aircraft for your required route.

This is chosen from a large pool of aircraft across a network of trusted operators, meaning no availability is incredibly unlikely.

However, if you’re part of a fractional jet ownership program, it all depends on the details of your contract. It’s common for fractional owners to be tied to a certain type of aircraft, and if that aircraft isn’t nearby, you’re going to have to wait until one is.

Fractional ownership works well if you fly frequently and you’re willing to book in advance. If you’re looking for quick, agile travel that works to your schedule, choose private charter.

3. You’re not tied in

Decide private flying isn’t for you? With private charter, you can walk away instantly, as you’re not bound to any long-term commitments.

Part of a fractional jet ownership program? Breaking ties will likely be much more complicated. Because of the high costs incurred by physical ownership, it’s common for buyers to get tied into 2-3 year contracts with expensive release causes.

If you fly incredibly frequently and plan on doing so for the foreseeable future, fractional jet ownership could be the right choice. However, for infrequent flyers and those who value control and flexibility, private charter is the best option.

4. There are no over or under-use penalties

With fractional jet ownership, you’ll be given an annual travel quota with your contract. Exceed that quota, and you’ll be met with penalties. Don’t use your quota, and there’s a chance you could lose it, as not all firms will roll your allowance forward to the next year.

Private charter is totally ad-hoc. Pay for the flights you need and nothing else. If you have a quiet quarter and don’t need to travel, you simply don’t have to pay.

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