Flying Safely Onboard Private Jets During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Flying Safely Onboard Private Jets During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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The Covid-19 crisis has presented itself as a fairly unique challenge, especially for private jets’ crews and its passengers. Over the past several months, changes have been observed in the flight experiences, arising from the global pandemic. All of these changes are actually intended to make the passengers feel safe. 

Here are some changes that you may encounter during your next private charter flight. 

Terminal Arrival 

When you arrive at the terminal for one of your private flights, you will notice that the ground crew, concierge hosts, and other personnel may be wearing gloves, mask, and other personal protective equipment. 

They may also keep a distance of at least six feet from you. There are strict instructions for flight crews and FBO personnel to temporarily maintain a safe distance from passengers and avoid physical contact. 

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No Physical Contact

Under normal circumstances, the private charter flight crew will always welcome the passengers with a handshake. This is one of the ways how the flight staff makes the passengers feel welcome on-board and safe. However, this practice has been suspended temporarily owed to concerns of transmitting coronavirus. They will, however, continue to appreciate your smile, wave, or thumbs up. 

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Stringent Flight Preparations 

Due to the present health concerns, it will also take longer to prepare the private jet. The staff will carry out more stringent cleaning of the aircraft with increased sanitising procedures. 

As you board the flight, you may observe a strong smell of disinfectant products. However, they are although strong, but not unpleasant. 

Extra Precautions 

When you get on board, you may also notice that extra textiles such as blankets have been removed to prevent any cross-contamination. On-board catering is also no more available. Those that maybe serving food on-board may have limited options available. Therefore, it is best to confirm with your charter broker prior to your flight. As a precaution, you may also want to bring your own food or snacks. 

Limited Cabin Crew

Passengers may request that the flight attendants be removed from the flight in order to limit the in-cabin contact with their family or guests. However, there would still be one flight attendant required on the plane according to the UK Federal Aviation Regulations. 

Safety Precautions for Passengers

While it is mandatory for the flight staff on private jets to wear masks and gloves, wearing masks for passengers is optional. The whole point of a private jet is to make a passenger feel as if they are at a ‘home away from home’. Inside the cabin, it is completely the passenger’s discretion if they wish to wear a face mask or not. It is not enforced upon them in any way. 

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Final Word

At Fly1Jet, we also ensure that we follow the most rigorous procedures important for the protection of our clients’ health and safety. Before any of our private flights, we always go through all the necessary protocols to ensure that our passengers do not fall into the hands of any risk. Contact us today to learn more about our services.